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Go slow: how & why to test apps on poor connections

One of the recurring themes at OpenSignal is the staggering diversity of mobile experience. We see it in our Fragmentation Report on Android device models and in our Sensor Library. Phrases like “mobile first”, “responsive” sweep this complexity beneath the … Continue reading

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New OpenSignal live wallpaper: know your signal strength

Your phone signal is important, so why is it that the signal strength bars are tiny? The Nexus 6 has a screen of 1440×2560 pixels, the signal bars and technology indicator (that text that says “4G”, if you’re lucky) take … Continue reading

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The Ladder of Possibilities

“Nothing is impossible” is a curious phrase. Despite its patent falsehood it is rarely challenged. A short Levenshtein distance away is “This is not impossible”, which is far more likely to hit the mark of truth and is usually what … Continue reading

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StormTag fully funded

After just two days on Kickstarter, StormTag is fully funded with over $19k committed from 507 backers. But there’s still time to pre-order the key-ring weather station from $20 and boost the sensors you can use with WeatherSignal . The … Continue reading

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A $20 Weather Station

At WeatherSignal we turn phones into weather stations. The WeatherSignal app takes readings of device sensors such as light, pressure, temperature and humidity from devices and uses these to create crowd-sourced weather maps. But there’s a problem, we’re limited to the … Continue reading

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Mobile: The Measure of All Things (Big Data Week talk)

These are the slides from a talk I gave at Big Data Week London 2014. We carry take our mobiles with us wherever we go, we keep them fuelled with energy and, typically, there’s no other object we own that … Continue reading

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Help Needed: Mapping LTE Bandwidth

There are multiple factors that influence the data speed you experience: the device you use, the network operator, the time of day, the signal quality where you are. We’re building models of how these factors come together, we’ll be publishing … Continue reading

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Join the OpenSignal and WeatherSignal Beta

We’re making it easier for the OpenSignal/WeatherSignal Android community to access and test the latest features by introducing a Google Play Beta Program. By joining the Google+ beta communities and then opting-in to receive updates, you’ll get the latest development … Continue reading

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Does the Galaxy S5 have temperature and humidity sensors?

tldr; No. The Galaxy S4 surprised the world by adding Sensirion’s SHTC1 chip – a tiny, low power chip that can take accurate measurements of relative humidity and ambient air temperature. These readings are used in S-Health, we also collect … Continue reading

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The State of LTE – Q1 2014

Using data from LTE users of OpenSignal worldwide we’re happy to announce our most comprehensive study of LTE experience worldwide to date. It shows huge variation across two key metrics: download speed and the amount of time users have access … Continue reading

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