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US LTE performance: T-Mobile fastest, Verizon best coverage

Yesterday we released a report into the state of LTE in the US, with a particular focus on how network performance changes over time. Mobile networks in the United States have been under particular scrutiny lately, with Verizon and T-Mobile … Continue reading

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LTE Latency: How does it compare to other technologies?

We recently published a report onto the state of global LTE, which compared the performance of mobile networks using two chief metrics: ‘time on’ LTE and average download speed. One of the things we looked at was how LTE download … Continue reading

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MWC Parties Blog Post (aka ‘Where’s OpenSignal?’)

Mobile World Congress inches ever closer – in many ways the highpoint of the year for companies in the Telecoms space. If you want to come join us, we’re giving away three tickets to Mobile World Congress (worth €700 each). … Continue reading

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MWC Ticket Giveaway Take II: The Re-ticketing

After the success of our last competition (congratulations to Kass Schmitt and Elina Hedman who won tickets) we thought we’d go a step further and give out even more MWC tickets. With Mobile World Congress just 10 days away we’re … Continue reading

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Win 2 tickets to Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is coming. On February 22nd, in defiance of all aeronautical progress from the Wright brothers up, the OpenSignal team will board the train in London and wind up in Barcelona some 10 hours later. For four days … Continue reading

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What did one snowman say to the other one?

It’s that time of year again, the OpenSignal Christmas is upon us. The wine is mulling, the Christmas jumpers are on and the tinsel is in Brendan’s hair (all photos destroyed). So, as ever, I decided to plunge into our … Continue reading

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What does 24 hours of OpenSignal data look like?

The above image shows all the signal readings we have collected from the OpenSignal app over the past 24 hours. We’ve been looking for a way to emphasise quite how much data our community shares with us, and simply plotting … Continue reading

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We built an Android Arduino Cake

Yesterday we hit 5 Million downloads of the OpenSignal Android app, naturally a cause for celebration. Celebrating, to our minds, = cake, but we wanted this cake to be different, to be really appropriate for the occasion. Sure we could … Continue reading

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A glance at the Ofcom infrastructure report

Last week Ofcom put out a report on the state of communications infrastructure in the United Kingdom. From a wireless networks perspective the report unsurprisingly emphasised the spread of 4G LTE as the most significant development in the UK communications … Continue reading

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Solar Interference: the cause of dropped calls?

Dropped calls are a major problem for cell phone users. An in-app survey we carried out 6 months ago showed that half of US cell phone users reported dropped calls as a problem with their mobile network. Many a mobile … Continue reading

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