Can I save data?

You can’t yet save data (in version 0.84 beta) but we are working on a couple of ways that you will be able to save and analyse your data.

You can now save data using:

– Export to an XML file on your SDCard

This allows you to export the cells you have recently discovered: their CID & LAC [for GSM: BSSID, SID, NID for CDMA], received signal strength, lat, lng, network ID, network name and various other parameters. This will be a quick way of getting to your data, you’ll be able to analyse it however you like – Google’s fusion tables come to mind. See: Format of saved data

If this sounds a bit ‘techy’ for you, you’ll be relieved to note that we’re working on another way.

– A web based dashboard

Something we’ve been working on (but is still a way off being finished) is an accounts system. This will allow you to access your personal signal data: graphs of your signal strength, maps of where you get good/bad signal, what networks you’ve been using, how much you’ve been using UMTS/EDGE/HDSPA etc. We want to offer tools that will allow you to see whether your network is serving you well or if you could be better off with someone else.

We don’t want to go live with these changes until they’re really well tested, but they’re on their way!

8 Responses to Can I save data?

  1. Kyle Brooks says:

    I am really interested in seeing more data as it becomes available. I live in a more rural town in SW Michigan. Seeing a true to life heat map for my area is going to be great. If you need any guinea pigs let me know

    • james says:

      Thanks Kyle, we’re still a little way off testing this stuff, but we’re always glad to have ‘guinea-pigs’. We’ll let you know when we’ve got something ready!

  2. Todd G says:

    In addition to an XML output, you should consider output to a KML or KMZ file, for use with Google Earth

    • james says:

      true, KML is great for fusion tables/google earth. I’ll put this on the agenda. Atm we have this working in our testing version but just with xml that mirrors the internal database structure (it was easier that way).

  3. marcel says:

    i would be interested also in obtaining the collected data for own use.
    please keep me posted of progress and inform if you need any input from me or the community to implement the mentioned features.

    • Sam says:

      Hi Marcel,
      Thanks for your offer – we love to get beta testers! We are some way off personalized dashboards, but we might have an export to SD in the interim. We’ll update the blog when we have more info.

  4. Shadrock says:

    I would like to access, not just *my* data, but the data that drive the maps embedded on the site. I work in international development and some of this data would be very useful for some current analysis in SE Asia. Can you offer any insight on the availability of a snapshot of the current data?

    Please excuse if this isn’t the best thread for this but I’ve tried the “contact us” form haven’t heard anything from that: also checked the forums.

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