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Join the OpenSignal and WeatherSignal Beta

We’re making it easier for the OpenSignal/WeatherSignal Android community to access and test the latest features by introducing a Google Play Beta Program. By joining the Google+ beta communities and then opting-in to receive updates, you’ll get the latest development … Continue reading

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Android Permissions Misery

We recently noticed something pretty worrying when looking at our rating: After a year in which our averaged rating has climbed up almost every day, it has started to decline. Why? The app is working better than ever, with every … Continue reading

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iOS app bug fix

A few weeks ago we launched the OpenSignal app for iOS. The app was received extremely positively and we got a lot of very enthusiastic feedback from our community. Unfortunately we quickly became aware of a bug that was affecting … Continue reading

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An apology to our Korean users

Much like everything else at OpenSignal, we crowdsource the translations we use in our Android app. What this means is that we make a list of phrases and words available on the Internet, and people voluntarily translate them for us. … Continue reading

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Announcing the launch of OpenSignal for iOS!

We’re delighted to announce the long-awaited launch of the OpenSignal app on iOS. We’ve had a lot of requests for an iPhone app and in total we had about 7,000 signups to our mailing list. We had a very successful … Continue reading

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Tell us about your network!

We’ve introduced a new feature into our Android app, which allows you to let us know how your network is performing. Dropped call? Slow data? Poor voice quality? Just press the ‘report’ tab and let us know. When you make … Continue reading

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Launching OpenSignal 2

We are pleased to announce the launch of the updated OpenSignal app for Android. The new version has been months in development and is now available on all Android platforms. It represents a significant upgrade on our previous app, so … Continue reading

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Find the easter egg, win a Nexus 7!

Here at OpenSignal we’re very excited about the launch of OpenSignal 2 – the complete overhaul of our Android app. In order to celebrate its release to all Android platforms, we’re giving away a Nexus 7 tablet to one of … Continue reading

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New version: 1.99 rolling out to Jellybean. Welcome to better signal!

Finally, after a lot of late nights and early mornings, we’ve just hit the button: a new version of OpenSignal is now available for Jellybean. Over the next few days we’ll be watching carefully to make sure everything is running … Continue reading

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New graphs in 1.19!

We’ve added a few things to the graph view to help you understand your signal better, graphics showing: – Average signal – Time spent on each network type (2G/3G/4G) [if your device is wifi only you won;t see this] – … Continue reading

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