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Android’s fragmentation is creating a lot of security holes

This summer OpenSignal published its Android Fragmentation report, finding that there are more than 24,000 distinct types of Android devices by more than 1,000 distinct brands in the market today. That kind of differentiation was bound to produce problems in … Continue reading

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AT&T to customers: Just keep your suggestions to yourselves

As a former journalist I can tell that legal departments don’t always see eye to eye to with editorial, and I imagine that same kind of friction exists between a big corporation’s lawyers and its public relations staff. If you … Continue reading

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LTE network performance – does GDP play a role?

We’re following up on our Q3 State of LTE report by examining our LTE network data against other metrics that we think may explain some of the results we are seeing. On Wednesday, Kevin compared the performance of the first 20 mobile … Continue reading

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Verizon gets bullish on 5G (perhaps prematurely)

Verizon was one of the first operators to make a big commitment to LTE, so it makes sense that it would come out as an early backer of LTE’s successor 5G. Today Verizon announced it would begin field trials of … Continue reading

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Are Rio de Janeiro’s mobile networks ready for the Olympics?

Last month OpenSignal released its State of Mobile Networks for Brazil, but given the 2016 Summer Olympics are less than a year away, we thought it a good idea to drill down into that data to see how the host … Continue reading

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Vodafone ads claiming its voice coverage is “unbeatable” are banned

Vodafone has drawn the ire of the U.K.’s advertising overseers for a marketing campaign that claims the operator is “unbeatable at connecting your calls.” The Advertising Standards Authority on Wednesday ruled that Vodafone had to stop running the web and … Continue reading

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A wealth of virtual choices: Global MVNOs now number 1000

Eight years ago you would have been forgiven for thinking the MVNO was a dying trend. Much-hyped virtual operators like Disney Mobile, ESPN Mobile, Helio and Amp’d Mobile were dropping like flies. But despite those very public failures, MVNOs kept … Continue reading

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Making sense of the alphabet soup of mobile networking

If you’ve ever gotten confused by dizzying array of acronyms out there for different types of mobile technologies, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. You practically have to be a telecom engineer to keep track of all of the … Continue reading

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State of Mobile Networks Report, Brazil

Today OpenSignal releases the first instance of a new type of report: country-level network performance reports, which will be published for different countries on a monthly basis. The first country showcased in these reports is Brazil, with a fast-growing telecommunications sector … Continue reading

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WifiMapper for Android

Two months ago we released WifiMapper for iOS – an app to help people find free Wi-Fi anywhere in the world, based on our crowdsourced library of over 500 million Wi-Fi hotspots. WifiMapper was a huge success, with over 100k downloads … Continue reading

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