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As The Customer Sees It: crowdsourcing regional coverage data

Over the past few weeks we at OpenSignal, along with Which?, the consumer advocacy group, have been putting out reports on the state of mobile coverage in the UK. This began in November when we released a report looking at … Continue reading

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Hi, my name’s Gabe and I am over-caffeinated.

Why am I over-caffeinated you might ask? Because I’m teaming up with TechHive and OpenSignal to collect some standardized data across the U.S. of A. Part of that data collection is finding out how well different carriers work in all the … Continue reading

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UK Networks and their misleading coverage maps

An expose in last weeks Sunday Times reveals that networks regularly exaggerate their coverage maps – suggesting customers can get signal where in reality they cannot. The article (paywall) details how the Sunday Times obtained O2 and Vodafone coverage maps … Continue reading

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