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Traveling Man: Tools and Apps for Testing Cell Networks Across America, Part I

When I set out on my journey traveling the country doing signal testing with OpenSignal & TechHive, my aim was to travel light. Hitting 20 cities in five weeks is no mean feat, and the less to cart around with … Continue reading

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Hide Yo Phones, Hide Yo Wives

On a sweltering spring day in southwest Dallas I was standing outside my car, parked on a flat and near-empty stretch of urban road. The sun was quickly drying the cars coming out of the car wash across the street … Continue reading

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Announcing the launch of OpenSignal for iOS!

We’re delighted to announce the long-awaited launch of the OpenSignal app on iOS. We’ve had a lot of requests for an iPhone app and in total we had about 7,000 signups to our mailing list. We had a very successful … Continue reading

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What Your Smartphone Will Do Next Year

The end-of-year prediction list is a staple of blogs and newspapers, especially for those with a technological bent. There is, however, too often a temptation to allow the promise of future technology to infiltrate the present, leading to bold predictions … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Subsidised Phone

The news that T-Mobile will be ending mobile phone subsidies from 2013 onwards is good news for consumers. Under the new system T-Mobile will offer sim-only plans which can be used with any phone, allowing them to shop around the … Continue reading

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iPhone 4S: What’s the best carrier for you?

We’ve done a study on some of the speedtest data sent by the app to work out which carrier is fastest for the iPhone 4S. The full report is here. We drilled down to the carriers and network types supported … Continue reading

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