Avea Kapsama Haritaları

Avea Kapsama Haritaları

All of the data used in our coverage maps is crowdsourced from our community of app users. We are entirely impartial and all of our data reflects the real-world state of network coverage. To help contribute to our Avea coverage map simply download the Android or iOS app from the banner above.


Avea kapsama haritaları

Top 5 Android devices using Avea

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    Galaxy Note II
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    Galaxy S III Mini
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Avea Details

Avea is one of the 3 cellular networks in Türkiye.

Avea has an average 3G download speed of 3.7 Mb/s, which is better than the global average of 1.8 Mb/s.

Network types used by Avea

Avea uses the following networks types on its network.

Download speed for Avea

The recent download speed performance of Avea. This includes data from all network types; 2G, 3G, and 4G. Networks which roll out 4G LTE networks should see a strong rise in download speeds, as should networks which upgrade their 3G networks to HSPA+.

Statistics table for Avea

Mobile Country Code286
Mobile Network Code4
3G Download Speed3.7 Mb/s
3G Upload Speed1.1 Mb/s
2G Latency743 ms
3G Latency273 ms
2G Data Reliability67 %
3G Data Reliability90 %