1m Wifis Geolocated, good work people!

Since we launched in beta on 12th December, 2010 (17 days ago) we’ve managed to geolocate 1m wifis. Not bad, but 1m a day would be much cooler. And that’s the direction we’re going in.

Since we launched Open Signal Maps has been gaining users at an increasing rate. The more of us there are using the app the better it will become, and the better this website will be as well. With the explosion in android usage predicted this year we know we can grow faster still – especially when we come out of beta and unveil some new features.

We’re aiming to build the World’s most comprehensive map of wifi routers. We also want to make the truest and most accurate map of signal strengths. At the moment everything is still in beta – the website and the app – even so: things are moving fast and that’s thanks to all the early adopters. So thanks everyone!

We're already seeing over 100k wifis added a day

On track for the biggest wifi database in the world... we'll soon be mapping this

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3 Responses to 1m Wifis Geolocated, good work people!

  1. judygriffin says:

    Good job people…works great.

  2. Jimbob Yorks says:

    It’s nearly a year on. Any chance of this wifi map?

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