Cell tower maps updated

We’re still optimizing a lot of the processes that make the app and website work. With the completion of these processes we are aiming to update our heat and cell tower maps at least once a day. Recently, however, we haven’t been very good at updating.

The good news is we just updated our cell tower maps. Before we did this they were hardly showing any CDMA networks (like Verizon or Sprint), now there are a lot! We’ve also got data from all over the globe: Android is truly international. People from 141 countries/territories have used the app, in 173 languages! Interestingly Brazil is the second highest source of users, after the US.

So if you want to find a cell tower near you or one on the other side of the world check out our home page.

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9 Responses to Cell tower maps updated

  1. Ben says:

    This is by far the best idea and most well carried out idea in the history of mobile phones, just think of how useful this information is and how important it could become in the future. Keep up the good work! As an aspiring android developer I can honestly say this is probably the one of the, ost challenging looking builds I’ve ever seen.
    Your work is second to none.

  2. Mario says:

    This is a neat idea.

    A cell tower map for Canada is here http://www.ertyu.org/steven_nikkel/cancellsites.html and while it is maintained well, your method sees the towers from the perspective of the user.

    How will you remove towers from your database that go out of service, or change ownership?

  3. Bob K says:

    Last map update is now over 22 days ago. Are you going to update the maps again, or should we just move on (nothing to see here folks)?

    • Sam says:

      Hi Bob,

      We’re working as fast as possible to get regular map updates. At the moment we are moving to a higher capacity server and testing. The transition is a bit more work than we originally thought because we are also adding a few features at the same time. We’re almost there, and hopefully in a 1-2 weeks time we’ll have everything up and running.

      Sorry for the wait!

  4. Bob K says:

    Ok, I see you have your database updated!! Looking much better.

    Some comments: For sprint in the chicago area I see many occurrences where 2 towers
    are located in the exact same position. For Instance:
    Tower ID 3555-50 and 3371-50 are both positioned at 41.992937 -88.021804
    One of these towers is actually located at: 41.998248 -88.026028
    Another example Towers 5601-50 and 5602-50 are both shown on your map around 44.0432

    I have other apps that show 5601-50 at 44.0426508 -88.120152 (to be fair to you, the other app also shows this tower jumping between the two locations listed. Possibly this is a Android GPS bug, with the API failing to update the Lat/Long properly)

    I can supply you with much more detailed information if you want (including screen prints)

    Another Item: Somewhere there is a discrepancy between your positions and Google Maps.

    While the latitude of the towers at 41.992937 -88.021804 is correct the longitude is off by about 2-300 feet (The Tower at this position appears in the middle of a pond. Instead of -88.0218 should be -88.0230). This may be an artifact of the different source map data vendors (I believe Google is using Tele Atlas, whereas many handheld and Car GPS’ use NAVTEQ)

    Request for Enhancement: Would be nice on internet map to be able to select 2 of the vendors
    (Like AT&T and Verizon or AT&T Sprint) to compare coverages

    I just wanted to close by saying: this latest map database update is a HUGE improvement over where you were. The data is now meaningful and I can now use your website to recruit my co-workers to download and install your app, to help expand your database. Also, where your heat map has sufficient data, I find it very accurate. Just see holes and gaps where there is a lack of info.

  5. Hi!

    Will you be making an app for Windows Mobile (6.5+). It would be most excellent if you did.

    Do think you might to some degree join forces and merge data with the likes of http://www.cellmapper.net/ or http://www.antennasearch.com and even the mobile providers them selves?

    • Sam says:

      Hi Bentor,

      We don’t have any plans for a Windows Mobile phone. Our project is still in early stages, and we are busy on our Android app, as well as working on a version for BlackBerry and iPhone.
      Similarly we are a bit too busy to start integrating a variety of data sources. Once development on our core app and website has slowed down it is something that we will consider. In general mobile providers are not very open with their cell tower locations. Only very large towers (200ft+) are required to be registered with the fcc, and you find many that have been built just under that to escape the requirement.

  6. Wellington says:

    Yeah, the site is very useful, specially in Brazil.

    I’m wondering when the updates will become faster, I don’t see my uploaded data for a week at least.

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