Over the past few days there’ve been some articles on us in the tech press. Being geeky guys we follow Techcrunch almost religiously, so it was great and rather surreal to read about our project there. We also became the featured article on mobile in Mashable – an article that has been tweeted a whopping 1725 times and counting. We’re pleased as punch.

Even before this press coverage the app was growing at an ever increasing rate:  about 4k downloads per day on the Android Market. The app is also being distributed on a number of other android markets (Motorola’s shop4apps, pdassi, even on Rapidshare. At 96k downloads via google’s market alone, we must be past 100k downloads altogether. All this feeds back directly into the site: more users mean better maps.

“I predict big things for this startup.” Wrote Mike Butcher, we hope we don’t disappoint.

To read the articles: Mike Butcher of Techcrunch on Open Signal MapsCharlie White of Mashable on Open Signal Maps

Mashable article on Open Signal Maps

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