Issues with FC/no widget after upgrade? You may need to change app install location.

Whats the problem?

We’ve had some reports of force closing following users upgrading to the new version with widget. This is likely because – at one point – it was possible to install the app externally (that is on your SDcard). Widgets do not work when the app is installed on the SDcard, even if you’re not using the widget it’s possible you have problems because of this. For new users the app install location will be the internal storage by default and they should not see this problem. This will alos only effect users of Android 2.2 and above.

How to solve it

Either: go to Menu->Applications->Open Signal Maps and change install location. Or uninstall the app and reinstall from the market.

Any other problems? Email hello @ opensignalmaps . com

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5 Responses to Issues with FC/no widget after upgrade? You may need to change app install location.

  1. DocMarc says:

    Just installed latest version on Samsung Galaxy S, FROYO 2.2.1 (Firmware: XWJS5) + Latest Speedmod Kernel. Get FC every time i close the app (backgraound scanning disabled)

  2. Pierre says:

    The app force closes half the time I open it. Google Nexus One, Froyo 2.2.2

    I would rather be able to store it on SD Card than have a Widget. Always running out of space for apps on my phone…

    • james says:

      Hi Pierre! Check the latest version. Hopefully it solves the FC issues. The widget issue is a tricky one, we’re not massively keen on releasing similar versions of apps although it would be a solution to have a “with widget” and “without widget” version. The problem is then you end up with confusion in the marketplace and having to maintain two apps.

      What I hope google will do is add to the SDK an option to “preferInternal” but allow external installs, this would allow people to manually move the app over to the SD card if they don’t use the widget but install it as default into the internal memory. At the moment there are only two options for installLocation in Android preferExternal (installs to SD and app cannot be moved) and ‘auto’ (often installs to SD) but allows the app to be moved. The default location (i.e. not specifying one of these options) puts the app on internal storage and does not allow it to be moved. So, please android, add a “preferInternal” option!

      [PS looking forward to the translation!]

      • John La says:

        Thanks for the explanation, James. As a developer i can see your dilemma.

        I would also like to help you in your quest to map reception and beacons, but i too have no more internal storage and will likely delete the app after a short walk around the block today. Given a choice, i would also prefer external storage to a widget.


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