Format of Data saved to SDCard

I’ve just added a page explaining all the mysteries of the XML SDCard export added in version 0.94. This is useful for detailed investigations into what’s up with your cell signal.

You can find it here:
Format of saved data

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2 Responses to Format of Data saved to SDCard

  1. Jeremiah Knowles says:

    I would like to see the data in an .csv format. XML is not an issue, but I think people are a little more experienced at seeing this type of data in a .csv format. Just my opinion, I really like the app and the site. Thank you.

    • James says:

      I’ve just changed this so it should be live in 0.98. I agree CSV is much simpler and saves about 30% space on disk, so it’s useful for me too – I use this feature quite a bit for testing. Thanks for prodding me!

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