What’s the second largest market for Android apps? You might be surprised.

OK you probably knew that the US would be number one, maybe you thought it would be followed by the UK, Japan perhaps? Nope. South Korea.

Google recently added statistics to their Android market console – and not before time, the lack of any but the most basic stats has been a common complaint among developers. Interestingly, the Android market shows not only the stats of your own applications (number of active installs with country/OS/device/lanuage breakdowns) but also how these compare to ALL applications downloaded from the Android market. Note that the stats will only apply to downloads from the Android market – not shop4apps, amazon’s Appstore or other distribution channels, nor direct form websites. Some countries (particularly China where the Android market is unavailable) will have unnaturally low figures, nevertheless this is fascinating data. For example you might also be interested to know that less than 1% of apps are installed on Gingebread (2.3.x) devices.

Apps installed by country

Country % total apps installed
United States 56.8%
South Korea 9.2%
Japan 5.6%
United Kingdom 4.2%
France 2.7%
Germany 2.3%
Taiwan 1.2%
China 1.2%
Spain 1.1%
Sweden 1.0%

Not only is South Korea ahead, it’s ahead by quite a way – 2* as many applications in total in South Korea than in the UK. This may not indicate a greater number of android phones in South Korea, perhaps people just download more apps. It may also be to do with the lower market penetration of the iPhone – perhaps there are more Android phones there. Note also the while the UK and Japan are reasonably close, their next nearest neighbour – France – lags quite a bit behind. What does this show? Well for one thing: Android still has plenty of room to grow. If the number of apps in the UK and Japan can come to equal the amount in South Korea then that would be a doubling in those countries. If it can grow to that size in France, then there would be 4* as many apps in France.

How well are Google/the carriers/OEMs doing at keeping people up-to-date? The answer is quite revealing: there seems to be a divide between people with high OS versions (excluding 2.3 which hardly has anyone) like 2.1 and higher and people on low versions – 1.6 and 1.5. There is hardly anyone on 2.0.x – they’ve all got upgrades. This may also be because it took some carriers so long to upgrade that phones were upgraded from 1.6 and 1.5 directly to 2.1 and higher (this was the case with my HTC Hero on 3 UK).

OS % total apps installed
Android 2.2 59.8%
Android 2.1 27.3%
Android 1.6 6.6%
Android 1.5 4.7%
Android 2.3.3 0.6%
Android 2.3.0 0.3%
Android 2.0.1 0.1%
Android 1.1 0.1%
Android 1.0 0.1%
Android 2.0 0.0%
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