0.96 out now – Open Signal Maps for Xoom

We’ve just put out a new version, 0.96, it’s a mixture of UI tweaks, bug fixes and optimisation. The big news: it works on Xoom! We’ve also laid it out so you can always see the information from the Overview screen with 3 tabs on the right (map, graph, speed test). The menus slide down in a kind of cool way.

Bug fixes we fixed a problem with the upload routine in the speed test that was affecting particular devices. While we were at we made the speed test run a bit better – you’ll notice the whole upload routine is now quicker because it uploads less. We caught some bugs with the widget, including a really annoying one that caused it to force close instead of open the main app. Some quite old bugs have finally been tracked down, the app has been really stable on all the devices we’ve run it on.

– Big UI changes will be coming in subsequent updates, but we’ve thrown a few treats into 0.96. You might notice that the signal arrow is drawing much more sharply. Users of Gingerbread will also have a neater background view. We’ve also allowed changes from portrait to landscape views in the map/radar and graph tab – so if you rotate your device the view will too. We think this can help make graph data clearer.

Other optimizations We found some processes we could really cut back on and reaped some good CPU improvements from these economies. We’re compressing the data you share in the app (before it comes to the web servers). Since the default is to upload over wifi we don’t usually run up any data limits. But we’re pretty proud of this fix – we’ve cut the data sent down by 90% in size, without any loss of information – so we thought we’d share it here!

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  1. Al says:

    Great job! Thanks again!

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