0.97 – Italian Translation & Speed test history

The title says it all:

An Italian translation has been provided by Alessio Capaci – @Xplosion on Twitter. We’re pretty amazed to see the app is twice as popular in Italy than in the UK this translation is a huge improvement.

Of more general interest: A speed test history is now available – you see the 25 last speed test readings you took. Click on the list to get a high level of detail – including a map showing your position at the time as well as our crowdsourced location for the router/tower that you ran the test on. We think this map view integrated into a speed test is unique. It offers a really neat way of saving a list of places where you’ve used wifi and also details about how good the wifi is there. It should be really helpful if you like to browse the web in cafés and other hotposts.

Enjoy! Buon divertimento!

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