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v 1.00

Exciting times: for the first time in history the OpenSignalMaps android app has reached a whole number! All of the notable changes can be found here: Here’s a rundown of what we think most important, including some details about … Continue reading

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Science for Citizens

By sharing your signal data with us through the app you’re helping build a global map of signal strength. Basically your phone is acting like a ‘signal meter’, it’s like you’re part of a massive science experiment to collect data … Continue reading

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UK Networks and their misleading coverage maps

An expose in last weeks Sunday Times reveals that networks regularly exaggerate their coverage maps – suggesting customers can get signal where in reality they cannot. The article (paywall) details how the Sunday Times obtained O2 and Vodafone coverage maps … Continue reading

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How to find an App’s Android Market Rank

The easy way: At the above link you’ll find a tool that lets you search for apps and find how they rank in different sections of the Android market (tools, all applications). Note that Google calculates market rankings by … Continue reading

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