How to find an App’s Android Market Rank

The easy way:

At the above link you’ll find a tool that lets you search for apps and find how they rank in different sections of the Android market (tools, all applications). Note that Google calculates market rankings by language. The dataset is currently limited to the top 800 apps (in fact the Android market only has ranks for the first 800) in two market sections and all languages – 35k rows in all – and is not updated in realtime. It is really interesting to see how rankings vary by language; Open Signal Maps is the 12th most popular free tool in the Swedish market (and 60th most popular free app), whereas in the Turkish market it’s only the 401st most popular free tool.

The hard way:

The Android market allows a laborious way of finding an applications ranking. Consider the following URL:

If you follow that URL you’ll see a nice view of lots of Android apps, with Open Signal Maps being the 5th listed.

The url tells us several things:

  1. id=apps_topselling_free
    – This is a free app.
  2. cat=TOOLS
    – It’s in the tools section
  3. start=24&num=24
    – The first app on this page is the 24th most popular free tool. The last one is the 47th.
  4. hl=it
    – This is true for listings in Italian.
  5. Conclusion: in the Italian android market Open Signal Maps is the 29th most popular free tool.

By adjusting fields and looking through lots of pages, you can work out other things – for example Open Signal Maps is 768th out of all free apps (not just tools) in the Android market in English. But we’re only just getting started!

We wrote a little script to buzz through market pages and then uploaded the results to Fusion Tables. Have your say on the Open Signal Maps forum.

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4 Responses to How to find an App’s Android Market Rank

  1. David says:

    Conclusion: in the Italian android market Open Signal Maps is the 29th most popular free tool.

    This conclusion is not right

    • Sam says:

      This article is from May 2011. So is must have now changed. It looks like the app position is the same in the Italian and US markets, so perhaps they have normalized the rankings across different languages.

  2. Jan says:

    You may be interested to check for rank statistics.

  3. crazyappsapk says:

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