v 1.00

Exciting times: for the first time in history the OpenSignalMaps android app has reached a whole number!

All of the notable changes can be found here: http://opensignalmaps.com/forum/topic/v100

Here’s a rundown of what we think most important, including some details about the new Cells tab :

– Evgeny Tverdohlebov submitted a massively improved Russian translation of the main tabs. We’re really thankful to him and, if you’re using the app in Russian, I’m sure you will be as well.
– We added some automated battery management means the app’s background tasks are turned off if there is less than 15% on the battery.
– Much better perfomance on wifi-only devices. Thanks so much to Trevor H for all the Xoom testing so far.

OK so this tab may not be of interest to all users of OpenSignalMaps, but if you really want to drill down on the detail of nearby cells this is the place to look. It shows you a summary of the data currently in the app’s internal database: i.e. of signal readings that have been taken by the app. Click on an item in the list to see a map showing our estimate of the tower location along with some details about the signal reading from that tower – what technology was it (e.g. EDGE) was it active at the time (so was it actually dealing with your telephonic data or was it merely in range).

FAQ for the Cells Tab
I don’t see anything – either you’re not using data sharing (and so the app doesn’t save readings) or readings have just been uploaded, emptying out the database.
What does: “Entries in wifi database: 445 (2360)” mean? This shows you currently have 445 entries in the wifi database on the phone, and that – over all time you have uploaded 2360 entries to the website. Note that for wifi, the app does not send all the rows to the website server’s – it first summarises the rows, creating one row for each access point. This might mean the numbers don’t change in the way you expect.

Any questions: post below or in the forum.

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2 Responses to v 1.00

  1. jay says:

    This version force closes when I goto: menu/settings/sharing.
    Motorola cliq xt, rooted. Android 2.3.3, rom: cyanogenmod 7.0.3-rc2.

  2. James says:

    I’ve just added this as a bug on the forum here.Pretty weird bug, but android is ull of glorious weirdness. Will try and get to the bottom of it.

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