Problems with the Galaxy S2 – help us!

We’ve blocked the app from appearing on the Android market for the Galaxy S2. This is a great & beautiful phone, we have one on the team, it’s possibly the best phone there is but unfortunately one of the key Android APIs is not working. We cannot listen to changes in cellular signal strength, which is pretty key for an app like ours! We could adjust the app so that when it loads onto an S2 it goes into ‘wifi-only mode’ we set this mode up for tablets which only have a wifi-radio (no cellular one). In the meantime we decided to take it off.

We’ve been aware of the problem for a while, but left the app on it in the hope that it would change with an update – in fact when the Galaxy S2 was first released I think we had no choice to leave it on as there was no way to manually prevent apps from appearing on the market for particular phones.

You can help!

The problem with the Galaxy S2 is a known bug, you can help us put pressure on Samsung/Android to fix this:
Star the issue at the above page (you will need to be signed into your google account) at the top left of the page should be a star you can click. Click it! At the time of writing it has been starred ten times, despite this bug effecting OpenSignalMaps, Phono, Mobile Signal Widget, Sensorly and all the other apps that rely on it. Let’s get it hundreds of stars!

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3 Responses to Problems with the Galaxy S2 – help us!

  1. LordViader says:

    Was it necessary to entirely disable the ‘cell mode’ on Galaxy S 2?
    I have been using OpenSignalMaps on my S2 for a while now and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately few days ago I performed an ‘update'(downgrade?) which disabled the cell view mode. I thought the update somehow corrupted the app as the warning message saying the cell mode has been disabled appeared only after I cleared the app data in app management (not to mention the cell mode button is still visible, but not working which itself is a little confusing). Needless to say I was quite angry I spent some time trying to figure out what went wrong with the update.
    I understand that from OpenSignalMaps’ point of view a phone unable to report its signal strength is useless as it does not contribute to the map, however I would like to petition in favor of restoring the cell view for SGS2 anyway.
    My suggestion is that instead of entirely disabling cell view, the signal data sharing should be disabled until the bug is fixed.


  2. David says:

    Hi, did you see this?: “1) Samsung Galaxy S 2 phones have a bug : they do not provide signal strength information for 2G/3G so Sensorly indicates “unavailable”. We’re crossing our fingers for a quick upgrade to Android 4. In the mean time, some alternate ROMs have fixed the bugs, for example XWKK2″
    Extracted from:

    Anybody tried if the bug was fixed on XWKK2?.


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