iPhone 4S: What’s the best carrier for you?

We’ve done a study on some of the speed test data sent by the app to work out which carrier is fastest for the iPhone 4S. The full report is here. We drilled down to the carriers and network types supported by the 4S and compared them state-by-state and built a nifty interactive map.

We know that choosing a carrier is not just about coverage so we’ve included a table that allows you to filter for the plan you want and compare the carriers on price.

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2 Responses to iPhone 4S: What’s the best carrier for you?

  1. Ihorsti says:

    When is there an Apple App.?

    • Sam says:

      Hi lhorsti,
      We have one almost ready to release. Because the iPhone does not allow much signal information it is very different to our Android app. It’s basically similar to the mobile version of our website plus a 3G speed test. Because of this it’s lower down our priorities than would be otherwise, which is why it’s taking a long time to develop.

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