Using the new graph view

The new graph view (in version 1.16) shows for GSM the strengths of the neighbouring cell towers. It also shows clearly when hand-offs happen – this is when you are passed from one tower dealing with your voice/data off to another of the towers. Poor hand-offs are a big cause of dropped calls.

To see a graph of multiple towers (or in wifi mode multiple routers) click on the graph in the graph-tab to bring up the options, choose “show-detail”. If you want the graph to continue loggin data when you exit out of the app, choose “Allow graph to run in the background”.

The connected tower is shown as a thick line
So in the above image you can see two hand-offs occurring. CLicking on the graph will bring up a key showing you the identities of these towers.

Note for CDMA signal strength is only available for the connected tower.

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4 Responses to Using the new graph view

  1. ijon says:

    I’m not quite sure, but can it be possible, to find out if someone is using an IMSI-Catcher to tap in to my communications, by seeing a special pattern in the graphs of this?

    has anybody experience on that? how would an active imsi-catcher look like in this graph view?

  2. Allen says:

    The graph will still stop running in the background even for the new version (1.22), even though the option to run in the background is checked.

    Any fix?

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