Help keep translations up to date

New features in the app tend to be accompanied by new text, often we’re not great at making sure these are translated into all the languages Android supports. We’ve had a wonderful response from several people who have emailed translations when we’ve appealed here or on twitter.

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to add translations, so we’ve created a spreadsheet that anyone can edit. You can find it here:

And here’s a pic:

Hopefully you’ll find it simple to use – if you want to translate something just enter the translation in the cell beneath your language. Use the cells that are in English (on the left) as the basis for your translation. On the second tab (“Credits”) feel free to leave your name and a web-url so we (and those who use the app in your language) know who to thank.

At the time of writing there were 1269 translations to be done! Let’s bring that down.

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7 Responses to Help keep translations up to date

  1. Wellington says:

    Great, I’m Brazilian and I’ll try to keep the Portuguese translation updated.

  2. James says:

    Great! We’ve been missing a proper Portuguese translation, although there are tonne of people using it in Brazil.

  3. Gurkenglas says:

    Is there a word missing in B157?

    “What do you with the data I send?” means “What do do you with the data I send?” ?

  4. Gurkenglas says:

    I love that project. Hope for an iPhone app soon.

    Can I add a new cell tower “by hand”? In openstreetmap?

    • James says:

      This has been suggested by a few people and though we like the idea we’re not sure that we could make it work smoothly because:
      1. Sometimes towers don’t look like towers
      2. Especially in urban environments you may be standing right in front of one tower but getting your signal from another
      There are cases where people know of the towers because they have reliable sources (e.g. a national database of towers) so we are thinking of making an uploader where, so long as you can get the towers in the right CSV format, then it can get put into the dataset.

      The translating is going brilliantly! Proper translations for 3 more languages added (Greek, Romanian and Portuguese) plus updates of lots of other languages.

      Just updated the app so you should soon be able to see the difference it makes.

  5. lucky says:

    All spanish language updated and completed! :)

    Idioma en español revisa y completados textos faltantes! :)

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