The many faces of a little green robot

… we’ve made a report on Android fragmentation. It has some groovy graphics. Take me there now!

This is just a picture. It may be worth 1000 words but it's nowhere near as word-worthy as the actual graphic. Click it to see the full report.

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2 Responses to The many faces of a little green robot

  1. sipe says:

    Very nice written article. Maybe you can add numbers by model.

    And ofcourse we all are waiting for map update. This one is getting old. I’m updating data on daily basis. Keep up the good work :)

    Greetings from Croatia.

  2. If you think about it, it make sense that the world will be like that.
    Compare it to the PC world, where you had a single player – Microsoft – offering the operating system, and a very large number of companies selling the hardware to go along with it.
    Android is doing the same for smartphones.
    This problem of fragmentation isn’t really an issue of fragmentation – it is one of iteration:

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