Introducing 3 new partners and an API

We started OpenSignal two years ago with the goal of bringing accuracy and transparency to mobile coverage maps. We’re excited to announce three fantastic new partners in O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Passion Capital and Qualcomm Ventures, who bring a fantastic combination of entrepreneurial know-how and industry experience in order to help us achieve that goal.

In the blink of an eye getting signal and staying connected has gone from being a novel luxury to a crucial part of our lives. In some cases it can be the foundation of a livelihood or even a matter of life or death. However the tools and information available to help us with this are limited and often biased.

If we want to know if a certain network provides coverage in our area we rely on coverage maps provided by that same network. To see how backwards this situation is just consider the analog in any other industry – Would you trust a restaurant review written by the head chef himself?

Mobile coverage is too important to remain a black box. Our aim is to open that up and to date over 2 million people have downloaded our app and contributed signal information to help build the coverage maps you can see on our website.  We’ve now got coverage maps available for over 200 countries across over 1,000 different networks.  We believe this is the largest independent assessment of wireless coverage assembled in the world.

We’re also excited to announce a few more changes.  Firstly, we are releasing the first version of our API and are looking for developers who are interested in harnessing the data we collect in their own applications.

In addition, we’re looking for talented people who are passionate about wireless networks, mapping and crowd-sourcing to join us. We’re still at the very beginning of this journey and have a great opportunity for others to come on board with a determined group of entrepreneurs and an awesome set of investors.

Finally, if you’ve been following us for a while you might also have noticed that we have shortened our name by removing the trailing -maps to be just OpenSignal.

Thats all for now, but many more exciting changes are coming soon.  To hear about them first follow us on twitter.

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