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After two thousand years of GPS, what next?

GPS technology is probably older than you think, probably a few millennia years older. And back then it was more battery efficient. Let’s look at its history and some recent ideas that could make the current system 1000 times more … Continue reading

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New permissions in version 1.99 (and how to check whether an app is malicious [ours isn’t :)])

We’ve had a few queries regarding the new permissions in the app version that is now rolling out. Two new permissions are added, they appear as: This app has access to: Your messages Read SMS or MMS Your personal information … Continue reading

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New version: 1.99 rolling out to Jellybean. Welcome to better signal!

Finally, after a lot of late nights and early mornings, we’ve just hit the button: a new version of OpenSignal is now available for Jellybean. Over the next few days we’ll be watching carefully to make sure everything is running … Continue reading

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No towers, no 4.2: We’re working on it

A couple of bugs have appeared recently: towers no longer being found and problems with compatibility on Android’s latest version 4.2, for which reason we’ve prevented the app from being downloaded on a few devices running 4.2 – Galaxy Nexus, … Continue reading

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