New version: 1.99 rolling out to Jellybean. Welcome to better signal!

Finally, after a lot of late nights and early mornings, we’ve just hit the button: a new version of OpenSignal is now available for Jellybean. Over the next few days we’ll be watching carefully to make sure everything is running smoothly and then we’ll release to ICS, Honeycomb and Gingerbread and later to even old versions.

Over 2 years ago when we built the prototype that becameOpenSignal, our aim was to provide geeks like us with some cool tools and to experiment with Android as a platform for crowdsourcing data. The project has expanded as we’ve realised the potential of the app and the data is greater than we realised. With this new version we not only show your signal and cell towers, but we also help monitor your data, SMS & call usage so you can keep track of your spending or stay within your plan. This is a beta feature and may deviate from your itemised bills. We’re also feeding more data back into the app: coverage maps and network rank have been introduced and we’ve improved the lookup for Wi-Fi hotspots.

We’ll give much more detail on the new features as we push to other Android versions and we’ll share some secrets on how we built this


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