Translators Needed!

The OpenSignal app is truly international. As we roll out our new and improved version we hope that our users will be able to help us by providing translations for the new text we have in our app. Last time we asked for help from our community the response was fantastic, with users translating our app into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Romanian, Croatian, Tamil, Danish and Finnish! We also hope that we’ll soon have the website available in many languages as well. If you’d like to help out then the link to our Google Spreadsheet is here.

In terms of downloads around the world we have registered around 2.5m on Google Play alone. The top 10 countries in terms of Downloads are shown here.

What this chart doesn’t show are the number of users we have in China, despite the fact that they are shown by our data to be our third biggest userbase. This is because Chinese users download their version of OpenSignal from a number of sources, rather than going almost exclusively through Google Play. We hope you’ll want to help make OpenSignal more international-user friendly, both for our app and our website. And above all we hope you enjoy the new version!

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  1. wadelima says:

    Updated the Portuguese BR translation

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  3. membear says:

    I updated the German translation.

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