(More) Translators Needed!

Just last week we were appealing for translators for the OpenSignal Android and (very soon) iPhone app. Now we are looking for help translating our website, so we can show off all the data you help us collect to as many people as possible.

We are using a Pootle server to translate our site. If you’ve helped translate other projects you might be familiar with Pootle, it’s used by many projects including Mozilla, Evernote and Python.org. To help us then please sign up at the following page:

You’ll get an email to confirm your account. Once logged in select the language(s) you can help us with and start translating! It should be fairly straight forward but if you get stuck please shoot me an email sam[at]opensignal.com. We’ll start enabling languages across the site once we get a significant amount translated – perhaps your language will be first?

We get visitors to our site from around the world. For the last 6 months here is how it breaks down by country:

Hopefully we’ll get many more visitors from non-English countries once the website is available. Well done to our fans in Italy for sticking with us so far!

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Co-Founder of OpenSignalMaps.
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