OpenSignal are finalists in the SmartUK mobile competition

We’re delighted to announce that OpenSignal has been named as a finalist for the Smart UK competition to find ‘Britain’s most innovative mobile company’. The Smart UK competition is run by UK Trade and Investment and aims to reward the most innovative and disruptive British mobile companies. We’re obviously very excited to have qualified for the final, especially considering the high standard of shortlisted companies that we saw present at the SmartUK shortlist event last week. At OpenSignal we’re trying to revolutionise the way that coverage is measured by crowdsourcing data from users of our Android and iOS app to accurately measure the true user experience of the network. Our approach is innovative as it doesn’t rely on modelling techniques to map coverage, but gives a true indication of how networks are performing for the people that actually use them.

All finalists get a chance to present to the judges at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and in the spirit of friendly competition we thought we’d take a quick look at the four other finalists who’ll be presenting with us at MWC.

1) Real VNC

RealVNC have developed software that allows users to remotely access and control their computers from another device, making pc access possible from your smartphone. Even more excitingly they have paved the way for mobile to automobile communication, which could help to salvage the wasted time created by long motorway hold-ups. Your car is about to get a lot smarter.

2) Skin Analytics

Based in Cambridge, Skin Analytics have developed an app designed to improve skin care and ease the worries of dermatologically anxious hypochondriacs. Their app tracks changes to skin lesions over time in order to monitor skin health, rather than attempting to diagnose from a static image which is shown to be far less effective. Skin Analytics is an innovative healthcare application, which aims to make the recommended medical practice of regularly checking skin lesions both easier and more effective.

3) Paddle

Paddle is a smartphone app that aims to make mobile web payments easier and more secure. Clicking on a ‘buy it now’ button on a website that uses Paddle’s technology generates a unique QR code which, when scanned, brings the purchase up on your phone screen. All credit card details are stored in-app meaning that the user only has to enter a 3 digit security code to confirm the purchase. A clever way of bypassing lengthy checkout processes. They also have a great video advert.

4) Made in Mind

Awesome. Folding. Plugs. Enough said.

As you can see there are some great companies shortlisted for the Smart UK project, and we’re very excited about getting the chance to present with them in Barcelona.

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