An early look at T-Mobile’s new LTE network

We recently took a look through our data and uncovered some interesting activity on a new LTE network that was appearing in our data as belonging to T-Mobile. Now, although T-Mobile have announced plans to cover 100 million people with an LTE network by mid-2013 they still are yet to launch LTE in a single city. Clearly we had found a few eager T-Mobile engineers that are fans of the OpenSignal mobile app. We even observed someone running our application and testing LTE on a yet to be released Galaxy S IV.

So we dug deeper and have been able to figure out some interesting details on T-Mobile’s forthcoming network. Firstly, we’ve picked up LTE networks in 8 different cities around the US. Two of them match up with the only cities T-Mobile has announced will be part of the initial roll out: Kansas City & Las Vegas. Whilst we can’t guarantee the other 6 cities will be part of the initial rollout, it’s likely they will launch soon as T-Mobile is actively running tests in them.

Finally, we also had a chance to get an early indication of the real world speed the LTE network is pulling and some of the devices that T-Mobile were using to connect, which helps confirm which devices will be compatible with their LTE network.

For all the details and an interactive map, read the full report on T-mobile LTE.

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