Report: How Screen Size Affects Data Use

At OpenSignal we spend a lot of time thinking about different cell phones. So much so that one of our number (Sam, I’m not going to name and shame you, don’t worry) actually had a dream about buying the HTC one. Yes, you read that right, an entire dream about buying the HTC one. We’re prepared to admit that we might possibly be a little bit phone-obsessed. One of the things we’ve been very interested in recently is how the device itself affects user behaviour. Thanks to the data shared with us by users of our Android app we’ve been able to examine the impact that screen size has on user behaviour. We thought it would be interesting to see if screen size made more or less of a difference to data use over Wi-Fi or cellular connections.

The results were very interesting, we found that screen size made a positive impact on how much data was consumed over both cellular and Wi-Fi connections, but that the impact of screen size on data use over Wi-Fi was almost four times that of the impact made over a cellular connection. It seemed that behaviour was much more affected by screen size when the user was on Wi-Fi. For full details – and to see the comparison visualized, read the full report.

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