We’ve enabled geo-location, give it a go!

We love San Francisco. It’s a great city and one that we’ve been dreaming of a lot recently, especially during these interminable days of the seemingly never-ending London winter. It’s for this reason that, every time up until now that you’ve visited the OpenSignal home page, you’ve seen the state of coverage in San Francisco stretched out before you. Of course, this wasn’t very useful to the 99% or so of our users who don’t live in San Francisco, and most of the comments we got on the website were from people asking to see their home town on our front page.

Yesterday, we made a few changes to the website so that it now geo-locates based on your IP address. Hopefully meaning that our carrier-comparison service is now much easier to use. It’s definitely an improvement to have the San Franciscans seeing San Francisco and the Londoners seeing London, and we hope that it’s working for all of you. Early reports suggest that it’s pretty accurate but not infallible, so we would really appreciate it if you could go on the homepage and let us know if it doesn’t show your hometown either by tweeting us @opensignal or letting us know via facebook.com/opensignal. Thanks, and of course if you have any further suggestions for improvements that we can make, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What you always used to see

What you always used to see

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