Announcing the launch of OpenSignal for iOS!

We’re delighted to announce the long-awaited launch of the OpenSignal app on iOS. We’ve had a lot of requests for an iPhone app and in total we had about 7,000 signups to our mailing list. We had a very successful launch, with some great coverage from The Next Web and GigaOm and all the e-mails we’ve received have been really positive and appreciative, so thanks for all of those. As things currently stand we’re the 13th most downloaded app in our category (free utilities) in the UK, and 18th in the US.

Because no celebtation lasts forever, and the real world has to intrude at some point, we’d like to invite you to report any bugs by e-mailing me at Samuel[at]opensignal[dot]com.

One bug that’s been reported so far by a few users is that the compass on the dashboard isn’t showing anything. If this is the case, then please e-mail me with your device type, iOS version, location and whether or not the Wi-Fi map is showing any hotspots.

We hope you like the app and that it was worth the wait! The link to the app in the store is here.


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