iOS app bug fix is on its way!

Soon after releasing OpenSignal for iOS, it became clear that there was a bug affecting some of our users. I mentioned the bug in the blog post announcing the iOS launch and it was great to have so many users get back to us – reporting problems, and giving us the info we needed to work out what was causing the bug. So thank you everyone!

The bug was affecting both the dashboard and the Towers/Wi-Fi maps. All affected users had the same problem, the compass didn’t work and the app was claiming that there were no towers or Wi-Fi points near them, which was clearly not the case. We’re delighted to say that after testing, and using the info supplied by our community, we’ve been able to submit a new fix to Apple. The update containing the bug fix will be published as soon as possible, depending on how long it takes for Apple to ok it, and should be out in the next few days.

Thanks again for reporting problems to us. This new version should fix all the current issues, so thanks for being patient. If you do experience any further problems then get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll get back to you right away.

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  1. 24x7x365 says:

    I’ve been running the iOS app since the day it was released and have spent quite a bit of time attempting to collect data from areas that are not currently covered on the OpenSignal map. Unfortunately it appears that the app is not feeding data back to the OpenSignal servers as the map is still blank for my network for the areas I have surveyed. I understand that the app must run in the foreground and I leave it on the compass screen while surveying. Does the iOS app actually work? Why is there still no signal data for the areas I have surveyed?

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