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Searching for Cicada Song: A crowdsourcing project

One of the most exciting things about the rise of the smartphone is the effect that it has had in enabling crowdsourcing projects. It is now possible to recruit volunteers and to provide them with equipment at next-to-no distribution cost, … Continue reading

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Kobe vs. LeBron (The Wi-Fi duel)

The offseason is here. After last night’s dramatic finals game 7 was won by the Miami big three of Wade, Lebron and Manu’s crunch-time turnovers, it seems like a long while until the NBA gets started again. To pass the … Continue reading

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The SHTC1: Inside the chip that powers WeatherSignal

I once cracked the screen on my Nexus One. If you’ve done this yourself you’ll know that to replace it you need to dismantle your phone to a near-molecular level and in doing so you get to see the exposed … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Project Loon

This weekend Google announced the existence of Project Loon, a network of high-altitude balloons floating through the stratosphere bringing the Internet to previously unconnected households. Initially the project will trial in New Zealand, with 50 households connected – but Google … Continue reading

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3.5% of clocks are over an hour out on Android

At OpenSignal, each datapoint we collect has two timestamps: the time the reading was taken and the time the reading was inserted to our server. Because we make extensive use of SQLite cacheing on devices, these times can be far … Continue reading

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The story of how temperature and humidity sensors made it into the Samsung Galaxy S4

When we first heard that the Galaxy S4 would include both humidity and temperature sensors we were pleasantly surprised. We’d heard about a chip that could take temperature and humidity readings at the trade show Mobile World Congress, but had … Continue reading

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Football Wi-Fi names in London

The football season is over and the time of unsubstantiated transfer rumours is now upon us. In order to stave off the inevitable depression that discussing Arsene Wenger’s failure to actually strengthen the squad will bring about, I instead thought … Continue reading

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Wifi in the Sky

Google’s ISP ambitions have branched out into even more exciting areas.  After the success of the first wave of Google Fiber, Google is rumoured to be trialling an even more ambitious service in Africa– Wi-Fi provision making use of white … Continue reading

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