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40 Developer Tips for Android Optimization

Here’s a good way to get into Android programming:  Find some code that does something similar to what you want to do  Adjust it to try to make it do your thing  Watch it fail  Troubleshoot using StackOverflow Repeat the … Continue reading

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The 10 strangest named Android devices

This afternoon we published a report into the positive and negative sides of Android fragmentation. In total we saw 11,898 distinct devices (compared with last year’s number of 3,997), with 47.5% of them being Samsung-made. One of our favourite things … Continue reading

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High on Wi-Fi

It’s Friday and it’s hot. While this might sound like the start of a scratchily written roman policier, it’s definitely not going to lead there. In fact, it’s not actually going to lead anywhere. Against the instruction of every style … Continue reading

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Finding Signal at the Ends of the Earth

The OpenSignal community are a pretty diverse and intrepid bunch. We’ve picked up signal readings from all over the world, helping us to map coverage in over 200 countries globally. When we saw the news that 4G is now available … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Subsidies: not quite as described

A recent report by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has shown that handset subsidies end up costing consumers more rather than less. The whole use of the word ‘subsidy’ then appears to be a deliberately misleading marketing ploy, … Continue reading

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Barclay’s Telecommunications Report: A summary

OpenSignal has recently supplied information for a telecoms industry report produced by Barclays bank, with a special focus on mobile data consumption. The report brought together data from a number of interesting sources and I have quickly summarised a few … Continue reading

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The European Connection

From today the cost of roaming in the EU has declined significantly, an important victory for consumers. The limitations now placed on how much carriers can charge in roaming fees will hopefully put an end to the annual media horror … Continue reading

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