Barclay’s Telecommunications Report: A summary

OpenSignal has recently supplied information for a telecoms industry report produced by Barclays bank, with a special focus on mobile data consumption. The report brought together data from a number of interesting sources and I have quickly summarised a few of the most intriguing insights below. The full version of the report is available here.

1) The report is entitled ‘Inside Out MVNO: Battle for Nomads’, which references the fact that ‘outdoor data’ is the key battleground in the market. Public Wi-Fi currently amounts to only 1% of total data traffic meaning that it is cellular connections which are taking the brunt of outdoor traffic. The ‘Inside Out MVNO’ references the fact that most data consumption is over Wi-Fi, meaning that there are relatively low barriers to entry for existing data providers to move into the mobile-only space, relying on hotspots and domestic Wi-Fi to provide most of the connection and only needing to outsource a limited amount of cellular traffic to provide widespread data and voice coverage.

2) Video and Web browsing dominates data usage. Video traffic makes up 37% of total usage, as does Web Browsing. Download is just 12%. Of growth, Facebook has increased 300% yoy, SkyGo +240%, iPlayer +200%, and YouTube +40%.

3) Data provided by Mobidia shows that proportion of daily W-Fi traffic peaks at about 6-8% in the evening between 7 and 11pm. Cellular traffic stays fairly constant during the day but tails off during that evening period.

4) Public WiFi represents only 1% of total data traffic. Despite the noise around public WiFi, it has not had a major impact. In most global markets Public WiFi makes up just 1% of total data traffic, with Cellular on 28%. On a market-by -market basis the UK, Spain and Germany have two of the lowest cellular usage proportions, with Japan/India/US the highest.

5) The bigger your phone screen the more data you use – but only over Wi-Fi (disclaimer: this is actually the bit we contributed to the report!). Our findings showed that data consumption rose sharply based in correlation with screen size on devices using Wi-Fi, but the correlation was much weaker over a cellular connection. The full report detailing this is here, and it supports the idea that mobile devices are increasingly be used at home in preference to other networked devices.

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