The 10 strangest named Android devices

This afternoon we published a report into the positive and negative sides of Android fragmentation. In total we saw 11,898 distinct devices (compared with last year’s number of 3,997), with 47.5% of them being Samsung-made. One of our favourite things about fragmentation is the sheer number of obscure devices that download our app.  We’ve gone through the list to bring you our 10 favourite device names – summing up Android fragmentation at its most ridiculous.

1) Exagerate XZPAD700 – Nope. That’s not how you spell exaggerate.

2) TURBOPAD 1000 – Do kids name these devices? Are these kids high on e-numbers?

3) HTC Supersonic – Faster than the speed of sound, not necessarily the most appealing feature for those of us making voice calls.

4) HTC Lexikon – Are HTC just playing an escalating series of jokes on the unsuspecting public? (Also if they’re going to spell it with a ‘k’ why not go the whole hog and call the phone the HTC Λεξικόν?)

5) PIRANHA BUSINESS TAB 10.1 ZEUS WHITE – This device makes a bold play for the hard-to-reach aquatic predator/Greek god demographic. Piranha? Zeus? Business? It’s the name a Nexus 7 would choose if it had a midlife crisis.

The Piranha Business Tab 10.1 Zeus White - Wings probably not included

The Piranha Business Tab 10.1 Zeus White – Wings probably not included

6) PENTAGRAM EON PRIME 2 – SILENCE MORTALS. THE (A)EON OF PENTAGRAMS HAS ARRIVED. Also this suggests there was a PENTAGRAM EON PRIME 1 (though who knows what to believe in any more) Where can I get one of those?

7) R09 Crystal Apples – wut?

8) Wiko Cink Peax – I have literally no idea what this means.

9) UNUSUAL Vortex Dual – Sounds like something you’d find in Dungeons and Dragons. “Congratulations, you just found the UNUSUAL Vortex Dual, It conveys +1 dexterity and +3 ability to send text messages”

10) To be filled by O.E.M. – Seriously O.E.M, you had one job.

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