The State of LTE – Q1 2014

Using data from LTE users of OpenSignal worldwide we’re happy to announce our most comprehensive study of LTE experience worldwide to date. It shows huge variation across two key metrics: download speed and the amount of time users have access to LTE.

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There is huge variation in LTE performance worldwide

There is vast variation in quality of LTE experienced worldwide.
For the graphic in its full interactive glory read the full LTE report

A new way of understanding coverage
Based exclusively on data contributed from users, we’re launching a new metric: the proportion of time users spend with access to LTE (4G). Perhaps surprisingly, we believe this is the first time that the level of access users get to LTE has been directly measured. Other methods of understanding coverage typically rely on mathematical models of cell tower propagation or on ‘drivetest’ reports (cars driving round the streets, generally during office hours). These metrics don’t reflect what happens across the full spectrum of times and places that people use their phones.

A few highlights: the USA performances second worst for speed; many networks are achieving very high speeds but are only available to users a low proportion of the time; South Korea, Hong Kong and Sweden are global leaders for LTE.

Thanks to the six million people who have downloaded OpenSignal, the contribution you make is what allows us do everything from these global reports down to the coverage maps for your local neighbourhood.

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