Join the OpenSignal and WeatherSignal Beta

We’re making it easier for the OpenSignal/WeatherSignal Android community to access and test the latest features by introducing a Google Play Beta Program.

By joining the Google+ beta communities and then opting-in to receive updates, you’ll get the latest development versions of our apps delivered automatically to your devices.

For OpenSignal
Join the Google+ community here
Then opt in to get Google Play beta updates

For WeatherSignal
Join the Google+ community here
Then opt in to get Google Play beta updates
We’ve got some really fun new features going into WeatherSignal – rich contextual awareness (Atmos speaks!) and you can now collect data on how far you’re walking (not shown in UI, but you can export to CSV).

It’s a little complex (clicking two links, I know!) but you only have to do it once :)

For iOS users, you can sign up here – we have a big overhaul on iOS cooking, it’s looking gorgeous and working lovely but there’re still a few things we’re scratching our heads over.

*Update, 05 Jan 2015: The instructions for becoming an iOS beta-tester have changed. Please see below:

  1. Enter in you iTunes email address and the apps you want to test into the form below.
  2. Install the TestFlight app on your phone – this is the beta-version management system.
  3. When you receive the invitation to join an app’s beta-testing programme, open the link with either the default Apple mail client or with Safari (some users have had problems if opening the link by other means).
  4. Test away – and don’t forget to tell us about any bugs you encounter or any features that you would like to see in the next version!

Please also note that on iOS, beta versions are only active for a month, so you may not get an invitation to test a beta when you join. If you would like to know when the next beta version will be released, please feel free to contact

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