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We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Which?  – The leading consumer advice magazine in the UK. Which? has a long history of helping consumers to make the best decisions about what to buy, from cars to washing machines, and we are delighted to be able to help them advise cell phone buyers on which network will perform best for them in the areas that they intend to use it most.

Which? are more than just a magazine, and serve as an important consumer rights advocacy group, protecting individuals from the organisations they deal with on a daily basis. Which? help protect consumers from power and information imbalances that are present in markets, and therefore we consider them a perfect fit for us. We started OpenSignal to correct a problem of imperfect market information; mobile phone users didn’t actually know how the network they were signing up with would actually work for them.  By publishing independent, crowdsourced, maps of mobile coverage we are able to put some power into consumers hands by helping them to understand the previously unknowable – the true state of mobile coverage in the areas where they live and work.

The OpenSignal coverage checker

The OpenSignal coverage checker

Consumers can now get information on handsets, network price and network performance all in one place, a fantastically useful resource for anyone planning on, or thinking about, buying a mobile phone.  We hope that by combining our maps with the consumer expertise of Which? we will be able to get closer to our aim of making network performance information an integral part of any mobile purchasing decision. This deal with Which? brings us a step closer to fixing the imperfect information problem that has led to consumers signing up with networks that won’t give them the best service.

You can see our coverage maps on the Which? website here, where they are used on the page which helps users make purchasing decisions that are related to telephony. We hope that this partnership will allow our maps to help an ever broader range of people, and that when people are considering buying a new phone or changing network they will no longer simply ask which network gives me the best price? But also which network will give me the best coverage? 

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