StormTag fully funded

Jan 2016 note: We no longer endorse StormTag. Regrettably, in the time since posting the below, Hex3 have become slower and slower in their followup. Over the past several months we have no update on the status of StormTag, to our knowledge no-one who pledged on KickStarter has received a StormTag. We did not invest any money in, or stand to benefit financially from StormTag.

We leave the below as a historical record of developers caught up in the enthusiasm of a product that may never see the light of day (perhaps ironically, one of the things it was meant to measure).


After just two days on Kickstarter, StormTag is fully funded with over $19k committed from 507 backers. But there’s still time to pre-order the key-ring weather station from $20 and boost the sensors you can use with WeatherSignal


The basic StormTag has a pressure and temperature sensors and Bluetooth LE radio. It sends data to your smartphone – WeatherSignal will be providing the initial app. To WeatherSignal the StormTag will appear functionally as extra device sensors, though they will update less frequently as we want the battery life to measured in years. Texas Instruments have shown that a year long battery life can be achieved with Bluetooth LE transmission every second, so we should be able to get the data updating faster than every minute.

On top of the pressure and temperature sensors, StormTag+ is rocking a UV meter and a humidity sensor (hygrometer) and has 10 days data storage capacity. This means you can leave your StormTag+ somewhere, come back days later and pick up all the data. We’re hoping this will have many applications: agricultural monitoring, studying the urban heat island, optimising your central heating and A/C system. We’re hopeful that this low price and the simplicity of the product (no buttons, no charging) will help put this in places where climate data sources are most lacking.

Get them on KickStarter.

Comparison of StormTag and StormTag+

  Pressure Temp. Humid. Light Data Storage Connection Size Price
StormTag       Bluetooth LE Tiny $20
StormTag+ 10 days Bluetooth LE Tiny $35
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  1. jgutix says:

    I helped to fund this project only because it was promoted by this site, however now I’m worry wether the product will ever deliver or not, several months after the kickstarter campaign there still no signal of the product, the last update in kickstarter page was more than a month ago. What is even more worrying is the history of the stormtag “creator”, none of his former kickstarter projects had been delivered on time, some of them have more that a year of delay and those delivered projects had such a poor quality not even close to promised.
    OpenSignal please pick your partners more wisely next time.

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