OpenSignal for iOS: The Remake

Last week we released a new version of the OpenSignal app for iOS. This version had been in the works for months, with a complete overhaul of both the design and functionality – to produce something that would better fit the design schematic of iOS7 and bring the app’s functionality up to equivalence with the Android version of OpenSignal.

The first few days after the launch have been a great success. We got great press from The Next Web and Slashgear, were featured by Apple in the App Store in 91 countries worldwide and have already seen great engagement from users making use of the new sharing options – with lots of speed tests popping up on twitter. To give you an idea of how quickly we saw app use spreading over the world – this graphic was whipped up by our developer Pau, showing all the places we’d received data from users of the new version from within only the first 6 hours of launch:

ios app locations
For those of you have yet to download the new version, it is drastically different from the previous version – with there being three main areas of differentiation.

1) Improvements to user contribution: we make use of enhanced permissions in iOS 7 to bring up user sharing to a level similar to that of the Android app. This was a much-requested feature by our users, but impossible due to iOS permissions before now. We now allow (depending on user settings) background data collection (the app checks network type when the iOS system itself detects a significant change in location). This means that users can now contribute much more to our crowdsourcing project, and therefore to the coverage maps we publish on this website

2) Better stats for users: one of the features users often request is better information on their actual network performance, often so this can be used when talking to their service operators. The new in-app stats show you how your network has been working for you over a set period of time (for instance, what % of the time you have had a 3g connection over the past day/week/month). We also let you see how your stats compare to the average global OpenSignal users – to put your experience of mobile connectivity into context.

3) Overhauled UI: The app looks completely different, with a much cleaner and more intuitive interface and this makes it much easier to improve your signal/find nearby Wi-Fi networks (we’ve also improved our Wi-Fi recommendation system, making use of foursquare data to, in some instances, tie free Wi-Fis to their locations.

We hope you like the new version!



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