The Next Chapter

Today we are excited to announce we’ve raised a $4million Series A investment led by Qualcomm Incorporated, through its venture investment group, Qualcomm Ventures. As we’ve got to know Qualcomm over the past few years it’s become clear that they are the right partner for the next stage of the OpenSignal journey, as not only are they leaders in the wireless industry but they also share our belief in the potential of sensor networks and crowdsourcing.  We’re looking forward to exploring this burgeoning field together and happy to say that O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and Passion Capital are also participating in the round.

Our core mission remains the same: Consumers around the world spend more than a trillion dollars every year on wireless contracts/plans and although network quality is the single most important factor1 for them, there has never been a source of independent and unbiased data they can rely on.  Our goal is to upend the information balance in this industry and provide consumers with accurate data so they can choose the operator that will provide the best coverage for them.  This increased transparency should also lead to more competition in the wireless industry and encourage operators to invest more in providing better coverage and performance – and we’re already working with operators on every continent to help them improve their service by leveraging our data.


The increasing number of sensors in successive generations of mobile devices

However, in building a sensor network for wireless signal we’ve become fascinated by the possibilities that now exist with the explosion in sensors on mobile devices that can measure anything from your location to the atmospheric humidity.  The next generation of mobile devices will extend this to include things like air quality, radiation and 3D vision sensors to name just a few and with 2 billion smartphones now in circulation there is an enormous opportunity to tap into these to build sensor networks at a scale that has not been previously possible.  In addition to growing the OpenSignal sensor network we’ll continue to experiment with WeatherSignal, our sensor network for the weather, and building new networks that tap into entirely new sensors – watch this space!

We’ll be using the funding primarily for growing the OpenSignal team and are particularly looking for people that like data as much as we do, whether it’s mining datasets for hidden correlations, telling stories with intuitive visualisations or building a scalable pipeline for handling large volumes of data. If that sounds like you then we’d love to hear from you.


Read more on the Qualcomm Ventures website.


[1] “OfCom Consumer Experience Report 2013”: 9.1.4 Poor coverage and Quality of Service are the two most important factors mobile consumers complain about.

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