Under Pressure: Bringing WeatherSignal to the iPhone

Alright, stop. It’s time to collaborate and listen, OpenSignal are back with a brand new invention. We’re bringing WeatherSignal to the iPhone let that news grab a hold of you tightly, we’ve been working on it hard both daily and nightly. Will we ever stop? Yes, you know it, and now we can show it to all you iPhone users who have been clamouring for a version. WeatherSignal for Android is a year old, but Apple gave us new tools so it’s time to go big and bold. The app’s a barometer that sits in your pocket, if you haven’t tried it yet then you’d better not knock it, it’s a part of our wider weather crowdsourcing project.

We worked hard to get it perfect, as anything less than the best is a felony, we want you to love it not leave it, we want you to stay, glued to our app without ever needing to stray. It will get better the more you do it, we need you to share your data so we can sift through it – making forecasts better in the long run, using WeatherSignal to make meteorology fun.

We’re the first company to build an app that makes use of the iPhone 6 and 6+ barometers for science, we were quick to this point, absolutely no faking – cooking the competition like a pound of bacon. We’re on a roll as a team, no time to go solo, rollin’ with WeatherSignal 1.0 – our iPhones out as the pressure’s getting low – the users on standby, waiting just to say hi, did we stop? Of course and listened to their feedback, making sure that we were on the right track.

So now the app is out, first of its kind, WeatherSignal’s on the scene in case you didn’t know it (you really should have done by now, come on, this is the fourth paragraph yo). It’s beautifully formed – our designer Daniil’s got a style like a chemical spill, he draws lines you can vision and feel. He conducted and formed it, it’s a hell of a concept, he’s drawn it so fast other designers say ‘damn’ – if this app was a drug we’d sell it by the gram. So yes that’s the news, we’ve launched the app – come on iPhone users, get with it, where you at?

No pressure apps for the iPhone? That’s a pretty big problem – but yo, we solved it – check out the app before Pau Perez evolves it.


Photo credit: wikimedia commons
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  2. tutsumi says:

    You’re back with a new app when you can’t even keep OpenSignal’s maps up to date? Seriously?

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