Our academic partners

At OpenSignal we like to promote and keep track of all research related to our fields of interest. If, like us, you speak crowdsourcing, mobile sensor technology and big data, you might want to check out some of these papers and on-going research projects that use our data.

Featured papers and major academic collaboration

Many academics in different fields – from computer science to medicine, meteorology or economics – have shown interest in what we do. We’ve been contacted by teachers and students with the most interesting research topics and have willingly shared our data with them, often getting involved in their projects.

Here is a brief presentation of some of the awesome papers and on-going research projects produced by our academic partners.

Matteo Venanzi, University of Southampton

–  “Trust-Based Fusion of Untrustworthy Information in Crowdsourcing Applications”, by Matteo Venanzi, Alex Rogers and Nicholas R. Jennings.

  Trust-Based Algorithms for Fusing Crowdsourced Estimates of Continuous Quantities, by Matteo Venanzi, Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Matteo Venanzi’s research focuses on the reliability of information obtained through crowdsourcing applications. Particularly, he’s interested in the way information provided by individuals or devices of varying degrees of trustworthiness is aggregated. With this in mind, he developed a series of algorithms that aim to improve the accuracy of crowdsourced data, which he has applied to the OpenSignal dataset. His results have shown trust-based models to outperform other fusion methods.

Aart Overeem, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute 

 – “Country-wide rainfall maps from cellular communication networks”, by A. Overeem, H. Leijnse, and R. Uijlenhoet.

Overeem et al show how rainfall can be monitored in real time by studying microwave links employed in cellular communication networks; they use data from OpenSignal to understand the potential scope. As demonstrated by the authors, path-averaged rainfall intensity can be estimated, by means of an algorithm, from radio signals’ attenuation between transmitter and receiver.

“Crowdsourcing urban air temperatures from smartphones battery temperatures”, by A. Overeem, J. C. R. Robinson, H. Leijnse, G. J. Steeneveld,B. K. P. Horn, and R. Uijlenhoe.

This article featuring our very own CTO, James Robinson, as co-author proves that urban air temperatures can be retrieved with relative accuracy from crowdsourced smartphone battery temperatures. Applying a heat transfer model to the OpenSignal dataset, estimated daily mean air temperatures were calculated for eight major cities. These values were then validated against data provided by World Meteorological Organisation certified stations, with satisfactory results.

If you want to read more about this research, check out this previous blogpost: http://opensignal.com/reports/battery-temperature-weather/

Clifford F. Mass, University of Washington

“Surface Pressure Observations from Smartphones: A Potential Revolution for High-Resolution Weather Prediction?”, by Clifford F. Mass and Luke E. Madaus.

Professor Mass and Luke Madaus look into the potential of pressure readings crowdsourced from smartphones via applications like WeatherSignal. The uses of this readily available data include the forecasting of short-term mesoscale phenomena such as rainfall and winds. This study suggests that exploiting pressure readings from smartphones along with more conventional weather observations leads to better predictions.

Catherine Muller, University of Birmingham Urban Climate Lab (BUCL)

“Crowdsourcing for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences: Current Status and Future Potential”, by C.L. Muller, L. Chapman, S. Johnston, C. Kidd, S. Illingworth, G. Foody, A. Overeem, R. Graves.

Catherine Muller and collaborators – including OpenSignal’s Brand Strategist Samuel Johnston – carry out a comprehensive review of the existing methods to crowdsource atmospheric data, from Citizen Science projects and smartphone devices to social media and “hidden” networks. As well as providing a brief description of each of these approaches, the paper deals with both the question of assessing the accuracy of the data thus obtained and its many potential applications.

Sagi Dalyot, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology

– “Towards the Use of Crowdsourced Volunteered Meteorological Data for Forest Fire Monitoring”, by Sagi Dalyot and Shay Sosko (to be published).
– “Densification and Fusion of Static GeoSensor Networks Monitoring Forest Fires via Crowdsourcing”, by Shay Sosko (on-going research for a Master thesis, supervised by Sagi Dalyot).

Both these works employ the WeatherSignal dataset to study the use of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) as a way of monitoring and predicting forest fires. Environmental data crowdsourced from smartphones appears to be an efficient way of complementing the static geo-sensor network used to provide hazard early warnings and compensating for its limitations – such as lack of mobility, coverage issues and low density.

Pantelis Koutroumpis, Imperial College London & Berthold Horn, CSAIL at MIT

Pantelis Koutroumpis is one of our longtime academic collaborators and his research explores the intersection of telecommunications and economic development. Together with Aija Leiponen, Pantelis has been using some of the OpenSignal data to study femtocells in the city of Boston.

This is a subject that has also interested another of our closest partners, Berthold Horn from MIT. Co-author of one of the papers mentioned above, several of our blogposts feature his insightful remarks and he has written a report on femtocells that has appeared on our website.

Rumi Chunara, NYU Computer Science & Engineering and the Global Institute of Public Health

Rumi Chunara and her research group have been studying the way local urban weather relates to certain health outcomes. That is, in what way could climate variations at the street or neighborhood level affect the health of the population living in that specific area? The OpenSignal and WeatherSignal datasets were used as a mean to analyse climate variation from neighbourhood to neighbourhood in the cities of London and New York. Clusters where climate is similar were then studied for similarities in specific health outcomes, including asthma, depression and blood pressure. Professor Chunara’s on-going research suggests that crowdsourced weather data from smartphones are a promising resource to study the relationship between climate variation and health outcomes.

To learn more about Rumi’s work and research, have a look at her web site: http://chunaralab.com.

From the OpenSignal team

– “Modelling Download Throughput of LTE Networks”, by Joe Cainey, Brendan Gill, Samuel Johnston, James Robinson and Sam Westwood.

Last but not least, we conduct our own research too! In a recently published paper, Data Scientist Joe Cainey, together with part of our team, has presented a novel model to study download throughput of LTE networks. Applying his linear model to a set of data collected with the OpenSignal application, Joe shows that download throughput is dependent on a number of variables, including signal quality and strength, temporal factors, network operator and even the type of device. This is a crucial result in understanding how to create the best mobile experience for users.

If you want to read further…

We love the breadth of research citing OpenSignal or WeatherSignal – there are over 80 papers mentioning us, you can find them all in the table below.

Included in the same table are another dozen academic publications made by members of our team on various subjects – you might want to check out Pau Pérez’s work on privacy and security issues or James Robinson’s incursion into digital edition.

Get in touch!

If you’re interested in working with our data for an academic project, we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us  through the contact form of our website: http://opensignal.com/blog/contact/. We’re also teaming up with disaster agencies such UNMEER (the UN’s Ebola Response team) and FEMA to provide realtime data via our app CrisisSignal. Read Ellie’s blogpost for more information: CrisisSignal launched in ebola afflicted regions.

And if you want to know more about, or even join, our fabulous team – 4 PhDs, 8 nationalities and a lot of languages (from R and Python to Russian and Mandarin) – check out our team page.

Happy reading!


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Anforderungen an Datenverbindungen
mobiler Endgeräte"
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-An Empirical Study of 4G LTE Internet Service"
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