Introducing WifiMapper: the app for free Wifi

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WifiMapper is here!

It’s official – WifiMapper is in beta, and ready to be used by anyone who wants to be an early explorer of our newest app for finding quality free wifi.

This is big (data)
Based on our crowdsourced database of over 475 million global hotspots, WifiMapper shows you free Wifi hotspots anywhere in the world. To help you get a no-hassle Wifi experience, you can filter these further depending on whether hotspots require registration or have a time-limit. We’ve also matched our hotspots with Foursquare locations, so you can plan to spend the afternoon working in a café or map out the best places to get connected on your next trip abroad.

Own it!
We can only do so much – the ultimate power to make this tool awesome lies with you. You can add or edit hotspots, adding location information, Wifi types and more. Sign in with social media to leave comments too – how good was the coffee in your café-with-Wifi, and by the way, how do you sign on to the city’s public Wifi network? Just by using it, you’re already improving the app!

Check it out!
WifiMapper hasn’t been publicly released yet, so if you want to see what’s coming, and help us make an app that you need and want to use, now is the BEST time to get involved! Here’s how.

Beta-Testing on iOS
To join WifiMapper’s iOS beta-testing program, please submit the email address you use for your iTunes account in the form below. Afterwards, please follow the instructions on the confirmation page to set up your testing environment. We will send you the invitation to test the current beta shortly.

Beta-Testing on Android
To begin beta-testing WifiMapper on an Android phone, please join our WifiMapper Beta Google+ community. Afterwards, click ‘Get the Beta!’ in the community about section to confirm being a tester. (If this doesn’t work, you can confirm being a tester with this link:

Help us with Wifi Hotspots
In addition to testing the app, we’re also looking for some help auditing our Wifi hotspots database. In order to ensure that the most Wifi hotspots are categorised correctly before our public launch, we’re looking for category-level insight on Wifi networks in different parts of the world, including details on municipal Wifi, registrations / time-limits, and common locations of free Wifi (e.g. banks, parks etc.). Please let Teresa know if you would be interested in helping with this.

Stay tuned for more news on the app that will help you find free Wifi: WifiMapper!

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