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How “advanced” is your LTE network?

As the mobile industry gears up for the next big technological shift in mobile communications, 5G, an interim technology has been emerging to help fill in the generational gap. That technology is called LTE-Advanced, and while it’s not a term the general … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi calling: What it is and when to use it

U.K. and U.S. mobile consumers have probably noticed a lot of buzz from their carriers about Wi-Fi calling, which, simply put, lets you route phone calls over your phone’s Wi-Fi data connection using voice over IP rather than use the … Continue reading

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WifiMapper is Born

For the last few months we have been building an app that will take away the pain of finding free Wi-Fi. WifiMapper is based on our crowdsourced library of over 500 million global hotspots and can therefore recommend you a … Continue reading

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Smartphones in the classroom 2: Teaching Physics

Do you remember the time when cellphones’ only use was to make and receive calls while out and about? Mobile phones were originally created to do that, no more, no less. Similarly, sensors in smartphones were first put there to … Continue reading

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New OpenSignal live wallpaper: know your signal strength

Your phone signal is important, so why is it that the signal strength bars are tiny? The Nexus 6 has a screen of 1440×2560 pixels, the signal bars and technology indicator (that text that says “4G”, if you’re lucky) take … Continue reading

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Not Lost in Translation! Our Spring Translation Challenge

First things first, a big thank you goes to all of our translators who having been helping us translate the OpenSignal apps and website over the last three months. To recap, we ran the Spring 2015 iPad Translation Challenge from … Continue reading

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