WifiMapper is Born

For the last few months we have been building an app that will take away the pain of finding free Wi-Fi. WifiMapper is based on our crowdsourced library of over 500 million global hotspots and can therefore recommend you a nearby hotspot in nearly every city in the world.

Whether you are running low on data for the month, in a foreign city and don’t want to ring up a roaming bill worth thousands or just want to find somewhere nice to settle down with your laptop for the afternoon, WifiMapper can help you get connected. We’ve integrated Foursquare comments to give you better contextual information about the hotspot you are considering (it’s all very well knowing you can get Wifi in two different cafes, but which has the better coffee?). By including Foursquare comments we are able to give a more rounded perspective on the hotspot venue than just the binary ‘does this location have WiFi? Y/N?’

1. Main List_Map View

The app works by using data collected since 2010 from the OpenSignal app, which has been logging the location and performance of mobile hotspots to build a crowdsourced database of over 500 million hotspots worldwide. We then proceeded to build an algorithm that recommends hotspots based on a number of heuristics (including whether we can map the hotspot to a specific foursquare location, how many OpenSignal users have connected etc.) that are used to determine the likelihood of whether the hotspot is likely to be freely accessible to the public. For more information about how we do this see Brendan Gill’s comment on Hacker news.

Overall we have been able to recommend around 2 million hotspots worldwide, a huge number that means you never have to be without Wi-Fi again. Click here to download directly on iOS  or to sign up for the Android app (which we will launch within the month) go to the WifiMapper website.


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